how to use the red connect button on a logitec wireless mouse

How to Use the Red Connect Button on a Logitech Wireless Mouse

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to effectively use the red connect button on your Logitech wireless mouse. Whether you’re a seasoned tech enthusiast or a novice user, understanding how to make the most of this feature can greatly enhance your computing experience. So, let’s dive right in and uncover the secrets to seamlessly connecting your Logitech wireless mouse.


Logitech wireless mice are known for their reliability, precision, and user-friendly design. One of the standout features of these mice is the red connect button, which plays a crucial role in establishing a stable and responsive connection between your mouse and computer. In this article, we’ll cover the following key aspects:

1. Locating the Red Connect Button

The first step in utilizing the red connect button is to locate it on your Logitech wireless mouse. It is typically situated on the underside of the mouse, near the optical sensor. This button is essential for establishing a connection with your computer or other devices.

2. Preparing Your Mouse for Connection

Before you begin the connection process, ensure that your Logitech wireless mouse has fresh batteries installed. A weak battery can hinder the connection process, leading to frustration. Replace the batteries if needed to guarantee a smooth experience.

3. Activating the Connection Mode

To activate the connection mode on your Logitech wireless mouse, follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn On the Mouse

Switch on your mouse using the power button, usually located on the top or side of the device. Ensure it is in the “on” position.

Step 2: Press and Hold the Red Connect Button

Press and hold the red connect button for a few seconds. A LED indicator light on the mouse should start blinking rapidly, indicating that the mouse is in pairing mode.

Step 3: Prepare Your Computer

On your computer or device, navigate to the Bluetooth or wireless settings. Look for available devices to pair with. Your Logitech mouse should appear on the list.

Step 4: Pairing the Devices

Select your Logitech mouse from the list of available devices. Your computer will establish a connection with the mouse, and the LED indicator on the mouse should stop blinking, indicating a successful pairing.

4. Testing the Connection

Once the connection is established, it’s essential to test the functionality of your Logitech wireless mouse. Move the mouse cursor on your computer screen to ensure it responds accurately to your movements. If everything is working correctly, congratulations! Your Logitech wireless mouse is now connected and ready to use.

5. Troubleshooting

In case you encounter any issues during the connection process, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Issue 1: Mouse Not Detected

If your Logitech mouse is not detected by your computer, ensure that the mouse is in pairing mode (blinking LED) and that your computer’s Bluetooth or wireless settings are active and searching for devices.

Issue 2: Weak or No Signal

If you experience a weak or no signal, check the battery level on your Logitech mouse. Replacing the batteries may resolve this issue.

Issue 3: Interference

Interference from other wireless devices can affect your mouse’s performance. Try moving your computer or mouse to a different location to minimize interference.


The red connect button on your Logitech wireless mouse is a valuable tool for establishing a seamless connection with your computer or other devices. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your mouse operates at its full potential, providing you with a smooth and responsive computing experience.

Remember that mastering this process is essential for both productivity and convenience. So, go ahead and make the most of your Logitech wireless mouse by utilizing the red connect button effectively.

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